Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chinese drones seen used by naval ships

Chinese drones seen used by naval ships

Now it’s not just the United States that possess but China is able to develop its own drones versions with missions of scouting ahead of their warship fleets.

Chinese drones are launched from the flight deck of helicopters of a destroyer or a frigate. The scientists for China were able to devise their sophisticated drone that specially follows the rapid advancement in the military electronics. No details are yet available about the drones of the Chinese, mainly due to China’s reluctance to give any details of its military programs, but the US believes that these drones resemble the RQ-2 Pioneer of the U.S. Navy.
The United States was surprised about the public launch of Chinese drones from a warship deck for the first time as they were clueless about Chinese drone versions that had been kept secret. This only means that China’s People’s Liberation Navy is now well securing their fleet of warships.
China is now recently developing its own aircraft carrier and surprised the world with its J-20 stealth fighter and now the drones. Military experts say that drones are excellent for spotting targets for long range missiles and gunfire, especially for their navy that does not have the high tech satellite that are used by the U.S. navy.


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