Saturday, April 7, 2012

Indian Second Embraer EMB-145I

Indian air force and the DRDO signed a contract Embraer the supply of three EMB-145, designed for installation in aircraft of Indian, in 2008. Its value is $ 250 million. The Brazilians made ​​the first aircraft test flight in December last year.

Embraer bets already have experience in modernizing its smallest regional jets, military tasks: reconnaissance aircraft, marine or early warning. To date, the manufacturer has supplied the machine in the latter configuration, the Saab Erieye radar station, for their own air forces, as well as for Greece and Mexico.

Indian Embraer receive other equipment. Thus, the Brazilians are limited only to the supply of dummy aircraft radar system devices. To meet user requirements have to make changes to the airframe aerodynamics, reinforce some of its structures, satellite communications systems installed, the installation of in-flight refueling, as well as increase the on-board power generators and the electrical system and install more efficient air conditioning.
DRDO will provide the antenna with an active scan phase, communication and data transfer, and 5 console operators. Despite this - according to the provisions of the Agreement of 2008 - that's Embraer will be responsible for installation of on-board systems and their integration with the platform.

The first two of the three aircraft ordered EMB-145I AEW & C will go to India in June 2012. The third will join them at the beginning of 2013. Completion of and certification should occur within 2-3 years (with the main problem is the delay in the development work carried out by DRDO). This means that the aircraft should enter service in 2015-2016.

DRDO has recently announced that the Air Force has received an order for a further six early warning systems. Recall that India currently use three much larger A-50E / I Phalcony, the Russian Il-76, integrated in the Israeli radar syste


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