Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The U.S. report said that 2020 will have 4 strategic submarines, two aircraft carrier

Asia-Pacific military strategy lies in China, the Chinese navy's modernization progress in terms of the U.S. military is called is the most important. French Aeronautic Defence and Space, on the 3rd United States Research Service report said the Chinese naval forces have been caused by the close concern of the Pentagon, the U.S. military how to deal with China's naval modernization, not only affect the future strategic environment of the Asia Pacific region, will also have the United States the global strategic impact. 

The report urges the U.S. Navy's future development should focus on the balance of China's maritime forces to develop, to create advantages for the Chinese maritime forces.

The report, entitled "China Naval Modernization: the meaning of the U.S. Navy's ability to report the opening that claimed that the United States on China's military modernization, especially the navy's modernization to respond, has increasingly become a key issue in the U.S. defense program. For the U.S. Navy is particularly important because most of the checks and balances China's military power projects falls in the Navy's budget.

The report argues that the huge China-US economic and trade ties and conflict will bring heavy losses, the two countries will not be a full-scale military conflict.Changes in Sino-US maritime balance of power will determine the Asia-Pacific countries closer to who "choose" between China and the United States. In this sense, the United States balance the decision-making of the Chinese maritime military capabilities, will determine the future strategic environment of Asia-Pacific region, which in turn will also affect the United States in the world to obtain the ability of the different policy objectives.

Report comprehensive performance and equipment of the Chinese naval ships spend a great length, which outlines in detail the scale of the construction of the main ships of the Chinese navy submarines, surface warships, amphibious landing ship, and forecast to 2020, the Chinese Navy will have 4 - the huge size of the five strategic nuclear submarines, 72 attack submarines, two aircraft carriers, 26 destroyers and 42 frigates. The report stressed that the Chinese navy in addition to procurement and construction of modern ships, also back-up facilities, operational doctrines, personnel education, training and exercises have implemented a comprehensive reform and upgrade.

Faced with the rapid modernization of the Chinese Navy, the U.S. Navy has already begun targeted counter.The report said that the 2006 release of the Pentagon's "Quadrennial Defense Review Report had clearly instructed the Navy will be at least six aircraft carriers and 60% of the submarines deployed to the Pacific.In addition, the report also finds that the serious deficiencies of the Chinese Navy is the lack of combat experience, persistent combat capability of the large maritime fleet in the ocean waters, and other branches of the joint combat capability, fleet air defense, anti-submarine, mine clearance capacity has also been questioned. In recent years, the U.S. Navy focused on the development and procurement of new weapons platforms, including the Ford-class nuclear aircraft carrier, the Virginia-class attack submarines, F-35C Stealth fighters, EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft, and to strengthen for these weaknesses, Pacific allies, anti-submarine training.

Although the report that the Chinese navy, there are many weaknesses, but still think the Navy needs to find ways to cope with the advantages of the project of the Chinese Navy. The first is to have to expand the scale of the U.S. Navy fleet. The Pentagon assessment, the implementation of the U.S. Navy's global mandate to maintain the scale of 310-316 ships. Even so, 60% of the U.S. Navy deployed in the Pacific, but was flat with the size of the Chinese Navy. However, the U.S. Navy predicted that the existing shipbuilding rate will lead to the problem of insufficient number of the main ship in the next 30 years.

For China's "anti-access" capability, the response of the U.S. Navy is to destroy anti-ship ballistic missiles, anti-chain. The report said the Chinese "wind-21D" anti-ship ballistic missile that is enough to change the weapons of the war situation, but also the most difficult challenges facing the U.S. Navy, but such weapons not indefensible.

Report that the addition to the interception means, but also rely on the orientation of covert naval vessels, destruction of the People's Liberation Army found, to identify and locate the target reconnaissance capabilities of surface ships, destruction of the missiles to obtain the data transmission capacity of the target, destroying the launch site and other methods to eliminate the anti-ship ballistic missile threat.

China is rapidly strengthening submarine force, the U.S. military is developing a new anti-submarine means, including the widely deployed in the main waters of the Pacific submarine detection sensor, the development of unmanned underwater submarine. However, these tools also need to break through some technical obstacles.


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