Wednesday, December 5, 2012

US Navy ScanEagle drone shot down by Iranian.

US Navy denies it has lost any drones in the Middle East, following claims by Iran that a small unmanned aircraft was shot down over the Gulf.

The reports claimed that Iran's Revolutionary Guard had captured a US drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Gulf.

An image taken from Iran's state television Al-Alam which is said to show a U.S. drone that was captured by Tehran after it entered Iranian airspace over the Gulf
Al-Alam, the Iranian state TV's Arabic-language channel, showed what appeared to be an intact ScanEagle drone on display in front of a map. The station claimed it was the first pictures of the captured drone.

What is a ScanEagle.

A ScanEagle is a small long-endurance UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) used for surveillance. Because of its size it can be deployed using a catapult or "SkyWedge" launcher. It can stay in the air for 24-hours


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