Sunday, October 6, 2013

Images of the day : Russian Su-35 fighter jet latest avionics and advanced exposure control system .

Images of the Russian Su-35 fighters jet latest avionics and advances exposure control system.

                                                         Su-35 HUD system.

                                                       SU-35 throttle control knob.

                                                          Su-35 fighter joystick.

                                              Mi-28N helicopters helmet indicating system.

                                                     VU-35 digital control computer
                                                       Su-35 weapons control system.


A fighter aircraft is a forces aircraft designed primarily designed for air-to-air combat opposed to other aircraft,[1] having the status of conflicting to bombers and attack aircraft, whose key mission is to attack ground targets. The hallmarks of a fighter are its hurry, maneuverability, and insignificant size next of kin to other combat aircraft.

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