Monday, March 12, 2012

China New Ballistic Missile

Chinese is developing a new medium-range ballistic missile. It has come to the line in 2015. The Chinese Internet a photograph of the prototype.

The design of the Sanjiang Space Group, a part of CASIC (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation), a new ballistic missile solid fuel inform the Global Times . According to the newspaper, now takes 3-year testing program. The new rocket should be adopted to arms in 2015.
SSG is a manufacturer of ballistic missiles, short-range DF-11 family of missiles and DF-21. The new missile is likely to be formed on the basis of DF-21. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, it will have a range of four thousand. km. This means that you will be able to attack targets in India, Russia and the USA. In its coverage will include base on the island of Guam.
The Chinese have recently appeared on the Internet photo that is considered to be the first of a new rocket developed by the SSG. Visible on the mobile launcher, rocket launcher based on the DF-21C, is from her for almost a third higher. The vehicle is built in the system 6 x 6


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