Saturday, March 10, 2012

Indian Rafale Contract for Risk.

According to unofficial information, two members of the jury expressed doubt about the low cost of ownership of their choice of French fighter Rafale.

Operating costs were one of the main factors considered by the Indian air force tender for 126 new multi-role aircraft. The French data, the Rafale, are now challenged / Photo: Dassault Aviation
In less than two months after the election of the French Rafale fighter ( India chose the Rafale , 2012-01-31), two members of India's negotiating committee dealt a blow given by Dassault Aviation, a low-cost information provided by these operating aircraft. This revealed the Deccan Herald , citing a source from the Ministry of Defence of India.
According to the author of the article, the reliability of the data presented by representatives of Dassault indirectly question the cost of the Saab Gripen flight hours. They range over three thousand. Charge. Meanwhile, twin-engine Rafale costs should be relatively higher. Source did not provide true value of service as indicated by the French, but the fact is that they are challenged by some members of the Indian committee. 
No consensus could, according to the newspaper, to delay the final negotiations, or even lead to cancellation of the contract. With low operating costs are also dissatisfied Rafale other bidders, including aircraft and engines such as Russian, who in subsequent tenders will be compared with Dassault Aviation.
Officially, however, representatives of the French and Indian deny the problems with the signing of the contract. Dassault Aviation has to sign the offset agreement in late April and May and the signing of a definitive agreement before the end of the year. 


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