Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Iran seems to be able to obtain an American F-16 fighter jet

Iran seems to be able to obtain an American F-16 fighter jet from Venezuela. Eccentric and anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened last six years to sell some of its available F-16s to Iran. 

Iran counter air to prepare their defenses for a possible air raid Israeli F-16I. This gesture of Venezuela is unlikely to seriously be able to help Iran, because the Venezuelan F-16 planes are much older models, and the current Israeli F-16s are the most current available models of aircraft.

These aircraft are not equipped with the latest radar, missiles, air-to-air or EW. In the past 13 years, since Chavez came to power, they almost did not get any service in connection with the freezing of relations with the United States.
Israeli F-16I, which weighs 24 tons, is a two-seat fighter-bomber, and perhaps the most capable of the models of F-16s are currently in service. In general, this modified version of the F-16C / D Block 50/52, equipped with more advanced radar (APG-68 (X)), and can carry Israeli-made weapons such as missiles, air-to-Python 4 missiles and air to-surface.

With a price of $ 45 million each, F-16I has an excellent navigation system, which allows him to fly at extremely low altitudes, while not exhausting the pilots. The aircraft can operate at night and in any weather. F-16I can carry enough fuel to hit targets at a distance of 1,600 kilometers.
The aircraft uses the latest missiles, air to air with short-range and long-range, as well as smart bombs. The aircraft is equipped with electronic warfare systems, as well as a powerful computer system, locking in detail information on each sortie. 
This further increases the Israeli military force against its neighbors. Israel has received 102 new fighter-bomber F-16I for the past eight years, and upgraded another 125 older F-16s up to the standard F-16I.


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