Saturday, July 7, 2012

Type95/QBZ95-1 5.8x42mm Assault Rifle

As the outgoing chairman of the CPC, Hu Jintao, parades down the Shek Kong Airfield of Hong Kong while being flanked by 3000 members of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison, China military watchers are excited, but not really surprised, to see the new and improved QBZ95-1 5.8x42mm assault rifle entering service.

Chinese 5.8x42mm chambered weapons, replacing all different dedicated 5.8x42mm round now in service, the DBP10 forced Norinco to add a thicker 18.2" "heavy barrel" on the QBZ95-1, which, in combination with the much more high quality DBP10 round, gives the rifle a claimed accuracy of R50 <6.6cm at 300m. Any more internal modifications are comparably minor, as the short-stroke gas-piston with rotating bolt system used in the QBZ95 family

The QBZ95 that has been in service with the Chinese military and export markets is decent assault rifle that originally suffered from a major design

 Type95-1 the details

The QBZ95 since its introduction 15 years ago, and with enough time for Norinco to work out those reported flaws, all without rush for the sake of whatever reasons, the QBZ95-1 presents itself in its newest iteration to the world at the 15th anniversary of the same world-changing event that was probably one element amongst all the many indications leading to the creation of a modern Chinese assault rifle.


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