Friday, June 22, 2012

Hydrographic Catamaran "Makar"- India

Alcock Ashdown Limited", Gujarat, at the end of May 2012 gave the military hydrographic catamaran sailors "Makar". This is the lead ship of the series, built as catamaran. Although the ship was built Indian specialists, catamaran design is an Australian company "STS". 
Hydrographic catamaran «Makar» (India)
The company "Alcock Ashdown Limited" won the tender announced by the Defense Ministry of India for the construction of a series of 6 hydrographic ships, catamarans. The contract was signed in late 2006. The contract price was $ 140 million.
Hydrographic catamaran «Makar» (India)
Under the contract, the lead ship should have been transferred to the Indian Navy in the spring of 2009, the remaining ships were built before the mid-2010. However, the technology of construction, its implementation and running were difficult to achieve for Indian shipbuilders. Therefore, the lead ship-catamaran was launched only in early 2010. 
Deadline brain Hydrographic catamaran transfer in the fall of 2011, and the rest - until the early spring of 2013. However, Indian shipbuilders are not invested in these terms, having passed the first ship-only catamaran in the late spring of 2012. However, the ship «Makar» has yet to be retrofitted to the Mumbai naval base, and only at the end of this year we can talk about full operational readiness of the vessel to perform hydrographic tasks. 2nd catamaran «Meen» in the spring of 2010 was lowered into the water, but the ship has not yet been completed. Estimated date of delivery of the 2nd Fleet Hydrographic catamaran - 2013.


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