Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rafael Introduces Mini Spike System

Eurosatory 2012: Rafael introduces Mini Spike system
Rafael has used the  multi-purpose Mini Spike missile system, which is currently under development for the Israel Defence Force .

The missile builds on the technology featured in other members of the Spike family and can be fired from a dedicated Miniaturised Control Launch Unit (MICLU) or from current Spike launchers.
The 4kg missile has a range of 1,500m and can be employed either in fire and forget mode or fire and observe.

‘The operator the missile in fire-and-forget mode or through the RF datalink they can fire it and change the target point in flight. They can also choose between a medium, low or high trajectory.
The missile has been chosen by the IDF to fill a current gap at the platoon level to organically engage targets at 1,000m to 1,200m.

He demonstrated how a lofted missile trajectory allowed a steep angle of attack to engage targets that may be hidden behind a building or obstacle.
A crew of two soldiers can carry six missiles, MICLU launcher and accessories, with the launcher supporting day, night and training modes. The weight of the MICLU with missile is around 8kg.


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