Sunday, September 23, 2012

Iran New Air-Defense Missile System in Parades

Iran Guards Corps (IRGC) displayed a highly advanced air defense shield, called 'Ra'd', during military parades .

Air Defense Unit, the highly-advanced home-made Ra'd (Thunder) air defense system is equipped with 'Taer' (Bird) missiles, which can trace and hit targets 50km in distance and 75,000f in altitude.  The production and use of the system can boost Iran's air-defense capabilities in various fields, officials said earlier this month. 

IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari had informed on Sunday that his forces had started the production of the Ra'd system. 

"The Ra'd air-defense system, which is more advanced than the Buckeye system has recently been developed and is now being mass-produced," Jafari told reporters in a press conference here in Tehran Sunday. 

In ranges up to 50km and in altitudes from 25 to 27km (70,000 feet), Ra'd is ranked as a mid-range radar system.
General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said Iran is mass-producing Ghadir Radar systems in great numbers, adding that the radar system covers areas over 1,000km in distance. 

This radar system can cover areas around 1,100 in range and its designing and production project ended early last (Iranian) year and is now being mass-produced.
The Ghadir radar system which covers areas (maximum) 1,100km in distance and 300km in altitude has been designed and built to identify aerial targets, radar-evading aircrafts, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles as well as low-altitude satellites. 

Iran can trace and shoot down small UAVs over its airspace. Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli also said that air defense units are closely monitoring overflights of foreign aircraft and are fully prepared to detect and shoot down unauthorized UAVs. Iran has locally made radar systems with different ranges up to some 1,850 miles (3,000 kilometers).


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