Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pakistan Nuclear-Capable Hatf-7 Cruise Missile

Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Hatf-7 Cruise Missile
Paakistan  Hatf-7 (Babur) nuclear-capable cruise missile has been carried out today by the Pakistan Army.

The launch was made from a specially operational vehicle according to media reports. Site of the launch has not been disclosed yet.

Babur, which has a range of 700 km (420 miles) can hit meticulousness targets and employs stealth technology according to local media reports.

Pakistan has tested the missile in the past. Senior army officials and scientists attended Monday’s test launch.
The weapon was inaugurate into the Pakistani arsenal in 2010 and has only been tested a handful of times since then, according to defpro.com defense website.

Pakistan’s air force tested its air-launched Ra’ad (Hatf 8) missile on May 31. Pakistan’s premeditated cruise missile arsenal will consist entirely of Babur and Ra’ad missiles in the near future.


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