Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chinese PLA New 10-ton Class Multi-role Helicopter

Chinese PLA has been suffering for lacking of reliable medium utility helicopter, like U.S. Black Hawk”. However, this situation will be changed in 2013 or 2014, because some secret photos of PLA New 10-ton class multi-role helicopter have appeared on Chinese Internet. According to these images, PLA has two dominated types of 10-ton class multi-role helicopter.

Chinese10-ton class multi-role helicopter project was initiated in 2010 and is to make trail flight in 2014. Besides, China is developing a 13-ton class large multi-role helicopter and has made joint venture with Russia to develop 20-ton level heavy helicopter.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Corps forces now have five helicopter brigades and five helicopter regiments, equipped with a total of 569 helicopters, including 212 m-17 series of helicopters, 19 s70 “Blackhawk” helicopters, 33 z8 helicopters, 269 Z-9 helicopters, 24 Z-10 helicopters and 12 Z-19 helicopter.


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