Friday, November 2, 2012

Chinese Tests New (J-31) Stealth Jet Fighter.


The latest J-20 prototype now depicts dorsal and forward fuselage access to avionics bays; the pitot tube was repositioned at the tip of the nose cone, opening the nose cone space for AESA radar and Electro-Optical Infra-Red Search / Track (IRST) sensors.

  Chinese completed the test flight on Wednesday of its new fifth-generation J-31 jet fighter.

This flight represents a crucial step for the Chinese military, which has become only the third in the world – after the United States and Russia – to have developed a stealthy fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

The J-31 is a mid-sized combat jet with two Russian-made engines in its prototype development phase.

Chinese are also developing the J-20 fighter jet, first tested in January 2011, which also features stealth technology. The trials take place during a time of increased tension between China and its neighbors, particularly with Japan over the disputed Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands) in the East China Sea.


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