Saturday, November 3, 2012

Russian arms testing body started trials on Friday of the AK-12

Russian  arms testing body started trials on Friday of the AK-12, the latest incarnation of the 65-year-old Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The new weapon will be tested for its effectiveness when exposed to freezing cold, desert heat, humidity, dust and impacts.

Russian armed units are interested in the weapon and also foreign customers. The company also plans to produce civilian derivatives of the rifle, as no large-scale sales are initially expected by military clients.

The Russian Army would not be buying the AK-12 as it already had millions of AK-74 rifles in its arsenal, and because of concerns over the financial state of Izhmash.

The range of other weapons will be produced based on the AK-12, including a machine-pistol, assault rifle, handguns and special forces weapons.


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