Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Indian Upgraded Kilo class diesel-electric Submarine Starts Seas Trials in Russia.

An Indian Kilo class diesel-electric submarine

Indian Kilo class diesel-electric submarine that has been overhauled at the Zvezdochka shipyard in northern Russia has sailed for two-week sea trials.

Indian submarine, which has been repaired and modernized at the Zvezdochka shipyard, sailed for sea trials on Monday.
The upgrade program stipulated a complete overhaul of the submarine, including its hull structures, as well as improved control systems, electronic warfare systems, and an integrated weapon control system. The upgrade is reported to cost around $80 million.

The sub is expected to be delivered to India by the end of 2012, following a series of additional tests. Russia has built ten Kilo class submarines for India and has already overhauled four of them.

 Indian submarines are equipped with 3M-54 Club-S (SS-N-27) anti-ship cruise missiles, the Indian-developed USHUS sonar, CCS-MK radio communications system and Porpoise radar.


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