Friday, October 19, 2012

Polish is upgrades of the future soldier system.

Polish Bumar are presenting their upgrades of the future soldier system ULAN 21.

Bumar is still in the development phase and altogether 13 companies are taking part. They are looking at four systems.

The first phase is ready for series production, with a first step into C4I. The 2nd step would follow 2016 and FOC in 2018/19.
The observation & reconnaissance system consist of, thermal aiming sight, collimator aiming sight, night vision monocular, helmet mounted display, fire control system, laser warning system, laser range finder, target pointer and illuminator, and a observation and measuring binocular. Situational awareness, effectiveness and survivability in the battlefield can be boosted.
Weapons for the system are completely new, as well: A new semiautomatic 9x19mm PARA pistol (very light with carbon material, but still under development), a handheld 40mm launcher for LM/range 400m or MV/Range 800 metres. Bumar is showcasing the pre-series model of the RGP-40 multi-shot grenade launcher in Prague. Another new weapon under development is the marksman SKW-338 BORT semi-auto rifle for up to 1,200m.


Why is the magazine inserted backwards in the first picture?

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