Sunday, October 7, 2012

Indian Aircraft Carrier ( Vikramaditya) the Second Sea Trials.

Indian Navy aircraft carrier, the Vikramaditya, has headed into the Barents Sea for second-stage sea trials.
The Indian Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the Vikramaditya

Aircraft carrier Vikramaditya

Russia's Sevmash shipyard, Captain Va dim Sarge of Russia's Northern Fleet information service said on Monday.

INS Vikramaditya sea trials source Livefist
Vikramaditya, formerly the Soviet Union's Admiral Gorshkov, has finished a long-delayed refit for the Indian Navy at Sevmash on the Kola peninsula. The ship was extensively modified to undertake STOBAR (short takeoff but assisted recovery) operations with MiG-29K naval fighter aircraft, as well as receiving new air defense.

INS Vikramaditya Trial Malfunctions to Delay Handover

Indian Vikramaditya is the successfully undertaking the second round of shipyard sea trials, during which the ship will test its main systems, main and secondary power systems.

Indian and Russia in $947 million dollar deal in 2005 for the purchase of the carrier, but delivery has already been delayed twice, pushing up the cost of refurbishing the carrier to $2.3 billion.


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