Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Indian Fighter jet ( LCA ) in lsraeli Radar.

Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) being developed in India be equipped with an advanced radar system developed in Israe.

The chances for that have increased in the recent days. Sources in India have informed that the Indian Air Force which is acquiring the LCA is interested in having it equipped with an AESA radar.

Indian LCA project is suffering from a 15-year delay beyond the original schedules, it is nevertheless continuing. The 2nd prototype is expected to take flight only next year.

The aircraft is equipped with a US engine after the engine developed for it in India did not provide the necessary thrust. At this stage, India ordered 200 LCA MK2 aircraft -  the advanced version of the aircraft -  from the Indian defense industry.

AESA radars are considered the most advanced radars for jet fighters, and they improve the aircraft’s ability to detect aerial targets.

The close military procurement relations between Israel and India allow for a good possibility of cooperation in developing the Indian radar that will be installed on the LCA.


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