Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Latest News Update On China's Next Generation Fighter Projects Including J-20--J-19 And J-16 Fighter Jets

                                                           J16 Fighter jet
Chengdu J-20 First Flight - Chinese 5th Generation Stealth Jet Fighter
China's J-20 Black Eagle Stealth Fighter Jet
CAC didn't get all the projects. SAC also got its own 4th gen. Navy's 4th gen will be a competition between the two. Eventhough SAC has more experience with J-15, CAC will be looking to take their pie.
Both design institutes have their proposals (for navy's 4th gen), but competition hasn't start yet. SAC's convention design has more advantage in this area, since it requires little modification. CAC's design require significan altercation. Navy has requirement for stealth and supercruise, as well as supersonic manoevurability. One more thing, navy's 4th gen will be a heavy fighter.
SAC  J-19 Stealth Fighter Jet
Decent and objective article. J-20's paylod is quite good compared to its size. It's roughly about the size of T-50 and F-22, smaller than Su-27. Competition for avionics is basically done. If it enters service in about 6 or 7 years, its avionics will be roughly on par with F-35 today. And the dimension of its radar will be the largest among all 4th gen (including F-22, F-35 and T-50).
SAC's avionics will be slightly inferior to CAC's. CAC's avionics were chosen from a competitive process. In terms of payload, SAC's design has more flexibility.
2007's competition was between canard design of CAC and tri-wing design of SAC. It is different from current conventional layout project ongoing at SAC at the moment.
Competition for J-20's sub-systems is already over. We're waiting to intergrate and test them on 03 and 04 prototypes.
When completed, we estimate J-20 will have better avionics than current F-22. Among the 4S requirement, two will likely exceed it. Of course, F-22 will still be better in terms of stealth.
J-20's design philosophy is to meet stealth requirement, while emphasizing on manovurability and supercruise, similar to Mr. Song's (designer of J-10) article.
Even if our turbofan engines are on the same level as Americans, we're still likely to use canards in our design.
WS-15 engine will be equipped with 3D TVC. Russians will do the same thing with their engines. Only Americans will use 2D TVC. Each has its pros and cons, depending on what's more suitable for the user, so don't expect F-22 style nozzle on J-20.
CAC and SAC's projects will both be produced, and used in conjunction. All 4th gen are part of our future air combat network.
Originally, SAC did not plan to install TVC on their project, but now the plan has changed.
Don't expect J-20 to carry anti-ship missiles. It's both impossible and unneccessary. J-20's sole focus is air superiority, carrying 6 medium range and 2 short range air-to-air missiles.


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