Wednesday, February 8, 2012

China's modified version of J 10 fighter may compete with Rafale fighter India

French presidential palace announced on February 1, Dassault Rafale fighter won in the large procurement program of the Government of India. The $ 12 billion worth of contract is not only so far the largest arms purchase single area of ​​expenditure in India, will also be the most expensive countries in the world arms trade recently single.

French "Le Nouvel Observateur" said Dassault's one of the secrets of success is to make the Indian believe that only to select Rafale fighter can compete with more and more new fighters of China. The Times of India quoted sources as saying that the first delivery of the aircrafts may be deployed to defense Pakistan in the western region, followed by the deployment of defense China in the east.
According to military analysts, the aerodynamic layout of Rafale fighter is similar to Chinese J 10 fighter, but higher than it in the performance of avionics and engine. However, future improved version of the J 10 fighter jet may compete Rafale fighter, and the performance of China Air Force's series improved version of J 11 fighter may exceed Rafale fighter. From this perspective, Rafale fighter is difficult immediately bring advantage to Indian Air Force advantage.

Chinese J 10B fighter picture

India to buy fighter is a necessary step in the modernization of the Indian Army, but China does not want to see that India in order to enhance its national defense force against its neighbors, especially to prevent China.


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