Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Much Rafale and Eurofighter

According to unofficial reports, The Times of India , selected in a tender offer on 126 French Rafale fighter jets, was worth about $ 15 billion. Eurofightery were 5 billion more expensive.

Rafale was widely regarded as a slightly smaller aircraft operational capabilities than the Eurofighter. The few pilots who can fly at the same time on both fighters, among others, have pointed Typhoon on more powerful engines. 
A disadvantage of the French promise to eliminate the latest models of its aircraft, the installation of engines developed Snemca M88-Eco. They also offer a new radar scan phase (probably available from 2013 to 2014), newer systems being developed to integrate optoelectronic and missiles, including long-range Meteor.

Win Dassault Aviation in the Indian tender procedure, the result of lower acquisition and operational costs compared to the Rafale & Eurofighter.

According to The Times of India , relying on informants from the Ministry of Defence, the French offer value were 25% less than competitive, and the difference would amount to about $ 5 billion. This indicates that the purchase and production of 126 Rafale would consume about 15 billion dollars and Eurofighter - $ 20 billion. The same informants ensure that Dassault Aviation fighters are also less expensive to operate.
Next week we will begin detailed negotiations preceding the signing of the agreement. Finalize the agreement is not completely certain, also because of the strong pressure Eurofightery producing countries, and above all - the United Kingdom.


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