Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chengdu Fighter Export Leader

 Chinese exports most fighter aircraft. Surpass Lockheed Martin and Sukhoi.

According CAMTO (Russian Centre for the analysis of world arms trade), the three major manufacturers of fighter planes - Chengdu, Lockheed Martin and Sukhoi will export in 2012-2015 almost the same number of fighters. Forecast predicts that China will sell 112 aircraft , 110 Americans, and the Russians 109th The analysis takes into account the agreement already concluded contracts and the most likely including the production license. Applies only to factory-new aircraft.
In terms of the sales situation is completely different, more appropriate market for the popular images of fighters. Lockheed Martin will remain a leader - 9.13 billion dollars, second place will be Eurofighter - 5.91 billion, and the third Sukhoi - 5.45 billion. Behind them, a Boeing uplasuje - 5.18 billion, RSK MIG - 2.76 billion and Saab - 2.44 billion. Chengdu will take distant seventh place with sales of $ 2.1 billion.
Interesting trends are observed by CAMTO. In the previous czterolatce leader in exports both in terms of number and value of sales was the Sukhoi fighter jets, which sold 171 planes to foreign customers for U.S. $ 7.28 billion, ahead of Lockheed Martin - 113 fighters for 6.52 billion dollars. The next place was taken by Boeing, Chengdu, Eurofighter and Saab. Total exports of fighters in 2012-2015 will be greater than the previous czterolatce - 548 aircraft for U.S. $ 35.77 billion, against 520 for 30.18 billion.
Currently, the only recipient of foreign fighters Chengdu JF-17 is Pakistan. Now the producer is looking for other importers. Also looking for alternatives to the Russian RD-93 engines that drive these planes to wean itself from a monopoly in this field. Export potential produced since the late 1960s. J-7 fighters has already run out. Now, Chengdu J-10 offers as an alternative to the American F-16 for twice a lower price.
Chinese have increasingly tougher competition with the Russians, from whom seized in recent years, key technology. When you build a new generation of fighter, can be a tough competitor also for U.S. producers, as a cheaper and less politically addictive supplier. The rivalry with the F-35 and their Chinese and Russian counterparts, it is more distant prospect, reaching the end of the decade.


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