Thursday, May 31, 2012

F-35 Reduces the Dutch F-16

The reason for limiting the number of purchased Lightning II Allies the United States is the rising price of these planes. In the case of the Netherlands an additional factor that determines the reduction of the order, the financial crisis and severe cuts in military spending.
According to government documents cited by the Dutch portal, cuts are expected to bring savings to cover the rising costs of purchase by the Netherlands F-35A Lightning II. Ministry of Defence has developed several options for action in the autumn of last year. JSF reports that the final plan was adopted to reduce the number of operationally used F-16A / B from 68 to 42 copies and the elimination of an air base near Leeuwarden. The realization of this scenario is to begin in 2014.
Originally planned acquisition of 85 Lightingów II, but because of rising costs and a significant delay of the program, representatives of the Dutch authorities officially spoken out in substantially exaggerated reduction in the contract. Recently he did so in April the Defence Minister, Hans Hillen.

He said, however, that when we signed a preliminary agreement, we took into account the direct exchange of F-16. However, when I assumed the position of the minister, we had 90 such aircraft. Today there are 68th in the light of reports JSF, it indicates a probable target number of F-35, or 42.


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