Tuesday, May 15, 2012

India M777 Howitzer

According to information, India signed with BAE Systems' long-awaited agreement to acquire 145 M777 lightweight towed howitzer 155 mm caliber. Its details remain to be negotiated.

M777, thanks to the wide use of titanium and other light alloys, has a mass of about 4.2 t, which is a record in the group towed 155 mm howitzers. Although the length of the barrel is 39 calibers (which is a value characteristic of the division of the older generation) M777 with modern ammunition can fire at a distance of 30 km.

From the previous information, the equivalent program booked $ 560 million. Taking into account the existing export contracts - to Australia and Canada - this amount should be enough to buy guns and ancillary equipment and the first batch of ammunition. You can also expect to see a lower price.
Details of the contract will be negotiated, which according to the unofficial reports, should take about a year. Earlier statements of representatives of India indicate that the purchase should be associated with running in this country M777 production license. However, given the significant technological advancement of this design and buy a limited number of howitzers, this solution seems unlikely. Even in the U.S., which are mounted M777, components of more than 30% of the works are still imported from Great Britain.


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