Thursday, May 24, 2012

Iran New Attack Helicopter

Iran’s indigenous all-weather attack helicopter, Shahed 285 (file photo)
The Iranian Army has announced plans to showcase the country’s first domestically-built helicopter gunship in an upcoming specialized military exercise.

Iranian Army's Ground Forces Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari said the “Cobra Melli” (National Cobra) helicopter gunship will be deployed for the first time in a specialized military drill by the Army’s airborne units in the near future, Fars News Agency reported Wednesday. 

The commander did not offer a specific date for the drill but described it as “a showcase of military self-sufficiency in the field of helicopters.” 

He also emphasized that all the design and development process for building the helicopter gunship has been carried out in the country, adding that in some respects its capabilities are superior to the US-built Apache helicopters. 

He reiterated that in the upcoming army drill, indigenous military helicopters will be armed with a variety of domestically-manufactured precision arms and missiles. 

Heidari stated as well that a number of advanced anti-helicopter and anti-armor weaponry would also be examined in the upcoming drill.


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