Wednesday, May 30, 2012

JF-17 Tunder Export Opportunities


China and Pakistan plan over the next five years to sell, mainly in Africa and the Middle East, at least 300 fighters Chengdu / PAC JF-17 Thunder.

JF-17 (Chinese designation of the FC-1 Xiaolong) was developed as a relatively cheap, but relatively modern substitute for an aging family fighters MiG-21 and Mirage III / 5, which at the end of the twentieth in the backbone of the Air Force in both countries. Finally, China has changed the decision, focusing on more modern aircraft, but they are still interested in export contract.
The representative of China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (Catic), in a statement to Flightglobal , said that the conclusion of contracts for the sale of 300 JF-17 is the goal of institutions responsible for the export of military equipment between the two countries. The fact is that in November last year during the fair and air show in Dubai, there were as many as 3 Pakistani fighter jets, including one on the fly.

The potential buyers mentioned in Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Venezuela, Turkey, and Serbia and Azerbaijan. The latter led the country negotiations on several machines. JF-17 is the minimum of 2 -, 3-three times less expensive alternative to new, lightweight fighters from Western countries and Russia.
So far the only user of these fighters is Pakistan, which has ordered 150, and ultimately declare the purchase of 200 JF-17. Current export offensive is most probably the final relinquishing of their purchase by the air force in the PRC. Export potential limitation is the issue of the engines. JF-17 is powered by a single Klimov RD-93 RD-33 variant of the MiG-29.

Russian engine manufacturer agreed to in the past to deliver their products to China, during the negotiations with Azerbaijan. A little later, however, the heads AWPK RSK MiG and Sukhoi raised its objection to the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation (FSWTS), because of the possibility of providing for the RD-93 JF-17, offered to Egypt. At the same time because Rosobroneksport talks regarding the sale of MiG-29.
The representatives of Pakistan, however, claim that they are able to negotiate successfully with potential customers and also to reach an agreement with Russia. However, maybe they will offer aircraft engines WS-13, which are a development of RD-93 and are to be eventually mounted on Pakistani JF-17. Drive units were developed in China, and Islamabad received full licensing rights to their production.


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