Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Version of the K-POS

with secure 300x229 Fab Defense K.P.O.S

The K-POS system, which is intended to provide pistols with submachine gun characteristics, FAB Defense is releasing an improved version of the system based on the lessons learned from the operational use of the original.
stock folded1 Fab Defense K.P.O.S
Developed in 2008 after a demand from the German security forces, the K-POS system is characterized by its precision. Mounting rails, a five-point weapon grip, its modern design, small dimensions that allow for concealment, a silencer option, simple operation, safe movement with a bullet in the barrel, simple and swift assembly without the need for special tools.

The system is suited for most Glock models (including "C" models) and for two Sig Sauer models. With more than 10,000 units sold worldwide to law enforcement units, military units, security forces, and private customers at a worth of $6.5 million, by all accounts the gun is a success.

The changes to the structure allow shooters to utilize a wider range of optic scopes while decreasing the amount of combustion gas emitted towards the shooter, and at the same time, hardens the system’s structure.
Ido Solomon, marketing and sales manager at FAB Defense, says, “The improved system is an operational necessity, stemming from the conclusions that we drew from the operational use of the initial system.”


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