Sunday, December 25, 2011

China has the ability to reverse crack the technology of U.S. RQ-170 UAV

China can come into contact with the US-made RQ-170 Stealth reconnaissance from Iran, China most likely get  top-secret technology of American through reverse engineering.

UAV RQ-170 U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan 

Recently there are rumors that China may eventually be exposed to intercept Iranian UAV RQ-170, if this happens, China will be expected to master a number of key technologies and use them for their aerospace plan, including the development of the Chinese border to detect flew stealth fighters and unmanned aerial vehicles of the United States counter-measures. Some experts believe that both from a political perspective, or from the military and economic point of view, Iran has enough power to share RQ-170 with China.

Iran showed the U.S. RQ-170 UAV that was captured 

Although Iranian officials claim that Iraq had the ability to break the RQ-170 stand-alone technology, but experts believe that Iraq may not have such capabilities. And allow access to RQ-170 Chinese experts will obviously benefit from Iran - which will likely get more from the Chinese military technology, while the nuclear issue because of the confrontation with the West have to get China's diplomatic support.

From the early 1980s, China has been a reliable arms supplier Iran. China provided Iran with a wide variety of military equipment, including light-duty J -7 fighter aircraft, high-speed patrol boats and anti-ship missiles, while China's ballistic missile program, Iran has also provided assistance. While in China between 2000 and 2010 arms exports to Iraq has declined over the previous 10 years, but China continues to help Iran develop a number of major weapons programs. Iranian media have reported that Russian and Chinese officials have made contact with the U.S. UAV's request.

In the relationship between China and the former Soviet Union broke down in 1960, China began to actively use the reverse engineering approach to improve its Soviet-made weapons and equipment. In addition, China via a third country access to several types of American aircraft and aerospace technology. One of the most notable example is the Chinese who come into contact with the US-Pakistan air force F-16 fighter. Although it is difficult for Chinese people to understand the extent of F-16 to make judgments, but by some public analysis of the material, the Chinese people fully able to understand in detail the structure of this US-made fighter. The Islamabad is also possible to provide China with some of the F-16 subsystems, and to protect the latter study in detail the structure of this aircraft.

In the last two decades, China's military aviation sector has made considerable progress and has been able to develop very complex aerospace systems. Therefore, China is fully capable of RQ-170 for imitation. For example, Chinese-made J -10 fighter jet extensively uses modern metal alloys and composite materials, while the prototype of J -20 stealth fighter appeared once again proved that China has the ability to use new types of aircraft structures stealth technology.


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