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The Chinese Air Force J-11B and Su-35

Legend of the so-called F-11B model for the national production: The main system is made, which are: flight control implementing agencies, avionics, weapons, power, body structure,

Legend of the so-called F-11B model for the national production: The main system is made, which are: flight control implementing agencies, avionics, weapons, power, body structure,
Major improvements:
1. Facelift made FWS-10 engine
2. Replace the cockpit instrument display system
3. The replacement of domestic PD Radar
4. The use of Chinese-made weapons
5. Part of the structure, use of composite materials
The improvements generated by role:
1. Increase the thrust, FWS-10 maximum thrust than the AL-31F big 700KG, that is, in the limit state, SU -27 large thrust than 1 ton more, but the most commonly used military thrust is not large compared with AL-31F
2. Will be replaced by the original mechanical and electrical instrumentation cockpit trendy "glass cockpit", according to legend that there five displays, HUD provided additional functionality
3. Lanhuo the original N001 replaced 149X, you can deal with two objectives, you can use the initiative away from the bombs, there is the ability-to-ground search from the smaller than the N001, but greatly enhanced anti-jamming capability
4. Mainly PL-12 missile, but is said to no longer use the Russian-made weapons, but I personally think it should be no problem
5. Said to the wing leading edge, vertical tail, brake use of composite materials, can reduce the weight of the body structure
Comprehensive Evaluation:
Mobility is enhanced: I personally believe there is no for the following reasons:
The above measures an increase in thrust, measures to reduce aircraft weight of 3,5, supposedly for the thrust-weight ratio should have a relatively large increase, but not actually, because the weight greatly reduced the radar after (the original electronic equipment cabin before the fire control there are dozens of computer kg), the aircraft's center of gravity to move the tail, that is, raise the degree of static instability in a lot, although the direction of the tail of material to reduce the weight but the weight of the engine has created a de facto center of gravity has relatively large movements. To solve this problem must change aircraft flight control software, and even to change air, the problem lies in the basic 601 of this helpless, Su -27 this aircraft's aerodynamic change is not so good, this says the following. So the solution is to add weight in the nose, that is, to reduce the weight of the original coupled back to the focus position adjustment to achieve the level of flight control can be controlled. Then talk with a military thrust in front of FWS-10 and AL-31 is almost, then the plane did not change the basic thrust-weight ratio, that is, increased mobility has become a tragedy ......
Avionics whether the level of increase: I personally believe there is increased, it can take up to 90 in the early levels of the following reasons:
Su -27 low level of avionics for all to see, the F-11B does not necessarily strong enough to East Asia cow. The so-called early 90's level: the glass cockpit is the most fundamental, but only a front display glass cockpit instruments, but also behind the information processing and synthesis tools. The turtle above may not necessarily superior to Mao Qiang, with the five displays, rather than three Suffice it to say, the new Su-35BM is the two large-size displays with a head-up display, the same basic mechanical and electrical instrumentation removed. Personally think that the F-11B avionics level and Su-30MKK almost, that is, the original information in electrical and mechanical instruments replaced by a digital or graphical display, even as the Su-30MKK may be, as the mechanical and electrical devices has become a "graphic instrument . " HUD features than the original to be a lot stronger, a radar warning device can be used for at least. Cockpit achieve the level of the early 90s, but the typhoon and the current ratio is still a gap, of course, rely on the F-11B to compensate for this gap is not the idea itself is a bit realistic.
Avionics is a deeper level fire control and flight control computers, and now four generations of aircraft flying trendy concept of the so-called thermal cross-linking, in view of the above mentioned aerodynamic aspects of this fundamental impossible. Fire control computer is certainly much stronger than before the US underlying data bus, ah, ah what the 486-level chip (estimated at 486 is a commercially available chip) stronger than before.
Fire is more powerful: firepower is a bit strong, but that is a must to survive to reach the level of the following reasons:
In East Asia, if not take the initiative to bomb, then God and God the wind is almost on the same. Soft-shelled turtle is surrounded by hair, rice, bar, three, monkeys, bonobos, Pakistan son waited for opportunities to master each of these months are mid-range air combat capability, Rice also deployed four generations of machines, not taken the initiative away from the air in the bomb it is difficult to survive basically from the air in the defeat of the Baize. Increase in PL-12 missile is a necessary condition for performing on stage, can only show that the F-11B compared to Su-27SK is the compliance, but he still can not be considered cattle East Asia. 149X is a PD radar, not a phased array, there is no reliable multi-target capability, PL-12 missile called 80KM range, the actual estimated to about 50, equivalent to an early model 120C. Legend F-11B can not be used Westerner weapons, the problem related to radar and fire control computer, but I believe the turtle is capable of integration Westerner weapons, after all, has spent more than 15 years. Mao did not tell the truth how kind of weapons, integration is an alternative, after all, a huge number of imports of wool shell is said to light P-73 missile on the import of more than 5,000 hair .......
Sure-to-ground capabilities were no major problems, the problem is the J-11B does not require, or is not a sub-lie, honestly do a good job the air is the key, wait until the F-11B to the right to attack, or Pakistan Air Force has finished either sub - turtle Air Force will soon be finished
Body structure: This is a big problem
Composite materials is very fashionable, but not address the underlying path. SU -27 is fill out the aircraft (Leiqiang point of view), then T-10 is mainly the reverse to be re-designed Su--27. But I personally believe that to be reversed is not very appropriate, the basic aerodynamic configuration has not been completely changed, the Soviet Union T-10 is a -27 based on the change, that is, the so-called complement Leiqiang. So there will be a large margin in some structure, some a bit further the problem of inadequate legend Su -27 at high subsonic to transonic a stage of "mobile traps" Leiqiang said that in this case rolling transfer rate of only 20 degrees per second (I hope the editor problem). To solve this problem there must be the original design information because as this is not the chops skin triangle measuring tape can fool the past, that is, this is no way to reform. But the Su-30MKK has been done on some structural issues to improve the ......
Aerodynamic problems and the body structure is the same reason, all fill out, which was the added edge of, where digging a piece of this model you have to bring it to the hair is not so simple, even do a bit of aerodynamic optimization , but also related to the structure of these two issues are interrelated, but also changed the basis of the flight control software. The final conclusion is that flight control can not be changed, and one things to change is to a cause.
Wordy so much, and finally some one sum up it:
The level of F-11B, I personally believe that the Soviet Union in 80 years than originally planned Su-27M (not the 90's at the airshow on the deceptive three wing surface) slightly almost, than it is now the end of Mao's own modified Su-35BM poor more.
Su-27M, primarily directed at improving the avionics to do, planning is a flat-panel antenna on the PD radar, the P-77 initiative to bomb. Mao have the ability to change the flight control, and Su-27M thrust-weight ratio should be slightly larger than the Su-27S, F-11B thrust-weight ratio, and basically the same as Su-27SK, Su-27S than the Su-27SK would also like to put it mildly (SK should be the requirements of soft-shelled turtle To be able to hang bombs, strengthening a little structure).
Su-35BM is a big change, change structure, change the flight control, avionics change, change the engine, said to have been able to cross-Sonic Cruiser, and the level of a lot stronger than the F-11B.
Russia is now being lucky: Do you secretly for the change that does not matter, you have that are fundamentally Taihang engine just could not make the aircraft that you did not dare to undergo a major revamp to the time for you to know himself, and Su-35BM that you will buy, we do not urgent, 24, or a guaranteed bar .......... Chinese Air Force is really long way to go.


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