Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jian-8II Interceptor Fighter

The Jian-8II (J-8II) is a single-set, twin-engine, supersonic fighter aircraft developed by Shenyang-based 601 Aircraft Design Institute and Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC).
The aircraft was developed from the Jian-8 (J-8 Finback-A) fighter, with a redesigned forward fuselage and upgraded avionics.

It was originally developed from an interceptor fighter to counter Soviet bombers that fly at high altitudes, and has involved into an all-weather multirole fighter with both air-to-air combat and surface attack capabilities.

A range of variants have been introduced since the maiden flight of the aircraft, with gradually improved performance and capabilities.
F-8II Finback
J-8 II landing.jpg


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