Monday, December 26, 2011

PLA's Dongfeng warriors military off-road vehicle

Dongfeng Warriors is a off-road vehicle mainly used for military produced by China's Dongfeng Motor Corporation, its style and appearance is similar to the U.S. Hummer vehicles, the vehicles have long head of the first two series of short, single-double soft and hard top, slip back hard and soft top, hard top van, high hard top eight major models. One single row of soft-top model of the tarp, removable side windows, windshield mounted light after overturned, heavy machine guns, soft and hard top are placed inside the central station and pedal, the installation of heavy machinery can be high at the top of the grenade machine turntable launcher weapons, missile launch platform after the box has to form lightweight, high mobility wheeled combat systems.

Configuration of power
Warriors equipped with Dongfeng Cummins four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine, maximum power 112kW/2700rpm, maximum torque 502Nm/1500rpm, five-speed manual transmission, driving range of 750km. Also available with the United States imported 145 kilowatts V8 turbocharged diesel engine and electronically controlled hydraulic fourth gear automatic transmission, 0 ~ 80km / h acceleration time of 12 seconds, top speed of 150km / h.

Off-road performance
Dongfeng Warriors with nearly 70 ° approach angle, departure angle of 45 °, vertical angle by 31.5 °, the minimum ground clearance to 410mm, the theory can reach 100% climbing grade. The car uses a more advanced independent suspension current structure, both front and rear double wishbone coil spring independent suspension, can be adapted to a larger gap between the ground and increase tire rolling road surface and the adhesion probability, increase the car's off-road ability .

Dongfeng warriors with a low transmission speed of the two full-time four-wheel drive system, each wheel is equipped with a wheel-side reducer, purely mechanical structure of the torsen limited slip differential with a function to replace the traditional differential lock, you can ensure a reasonable torque output. And rubber materials with a unique solution of the low temperature bridge, wheel, two-way joints against leakage, dust, mud and other sealing technical problems.


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