Saturday, December 31, 2011

China to release war simulation video game used by the army

China plans to release a war simulation video game for its public, called the Glorious Mission that reportedly targets US troops.

 The "red" game made headlines earlier this year as the first video game training simulation for China's armed forces. The trailer of the first-person shooter war simulation game and its videos had become popular on the microblog networks.

The game would be released for public by May 2012 Zhang at Wuxi Giant Network Technology Inc, co-developer of The Glorious Mission along with Nanjing Military Command told the Game Developers Conference in Shanghai (GDC Shanghai), state-run China Daily reported today.

 "We're waiting for approval before we formally release the game to the public," Zhang said.

"Right now it's only open to the military. It'll probably take another six months, after some alterations, before it can be released," he said.

US media reports said the Chinese video game targeted US troops.

 It is supposed to be modelled after the US Army-made shooter game 'America's Army'.

It's release was expected to boost the market for red games, the Daily report quoted Yu Yi of the Analysis International as saying.

"China's Internet gaming sector is still growing and this includes red gaming. This is particularly true with those younger than 18, and over 35, as they are introduced to the Internet," Yu says.

"In terms of red games, the growth of the 35-plus age group is potent, because many are nostalgic for stories about the Red Guard and the  People's Liberation Army (PLA)," he said.


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