Sunday, December 25, 2011

China’s Fifth-Generation Fighter- Snow Owl Jet Project Of AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Corporation

China's fifth generation fighter
China’s fifth generation fighter development stage may have entered the wind tunnel experiment. At least two heavy stealth fighter aircraft Co., Ltd. Shenyang wind tunnel experiments are carried out. SAC Power Machinery Factory has been completed related to the assembly of electronic devices. Shenyang Aircraft Design Institute is currently strained to the relevant flight test data analysis, on the whole Chinese Five Su-27 air in the absorption machine layout based on the further optimization is currently in an embryonic stage.
China's fifth generation fighter pictures
China’s fifth generation heavy fighter - “Snow Owl jet” is a new high-performance, multi-purpose, all-weather air superiority fighter. Aircraft with heavy-duty, low-cost-oriented thinking, high-performance, high storage power generation, high combat effectiveness of the design target for a large aircraft thrust to weight ratio, non-afterburning supersonic cruise; stealth performance with Chinese characteristics; high agility and stall maneuverability.
China's fifth generation fighter
China's fifth-generation fighter plane


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