Monday, December 19, 2011

PNS AZMAT Fast Attack Craft China.

Well, obivoulsy not a whole lot more. The main characteristics for the FAC according to tender as follows:


-Full load displacement of 500-600 tons
-Overall length of 60 meters (196.8ft)
-Radius of action equal to or greater than 500 nautical miles, max speed 30 knots
-Complement of 55-60 personnel
-And fitted with the following weapon and sensor systems:
-8 Chinese C-802A SSMs
-Two 25mm close range semi-automatic EO/IR AA guns
-Two 12.7mm machine guns
-Chaff and IR

Propulsion: CODAG, 2 x General Electric LM500 gas turbine, 2 x MTU 12V 595 TE90; Water jet propulsion
Speed: 41.5 knots (76.9 km/h; 47.8 mph)


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