Monday, November 28, 2011

Chinese Military cannot challenge the U.S.

There are concerns about the Chinese military challenging that of the United States but to ease this concern a top general of the Chinese army,

Gen. Chen, said that their country does not have the military capability that can challenge that of the US and their ability is more focused on targeting those separatists. The People’s Liberation Army PLA’s Chief General staff, Chinese Gen. Chen Bingde said that his country’s efforts in enhancing their own defense and army capabilities was an offset after they had opened up and reformed for decades.
During his interview, he said that after his visit to the U.S. he was surprised to see how sophisticated the US military is and that includes their equipment, weapons and their doctrines and he can say that they are not capable to challenge them. In fact, the scouting activity of US military aircrafts and vessels along the coasts of China is a deterrent. This was told by General Chen to reporters at the Pentagon on the joint news conference together with Admiral Mullen.
General Chen also said that the efforts of China to improve the capabilities of their military armed forces are targeted mainly on the separatist forces that are headed by Chen Shui-Bian and Lee Teng-Hui who both attempted to separate Taiwan from the Mainland China. His visit to the United States is a part of the consensus that was reached by both Presidents of two countries earlier this year.
Gen. Chen also said that his visit was meant to implement the strong ties of both countries’ development of their military ties and to improve their mutual understanding and cooperation as well as trust on their military relationships. Both the American and the Chinese armies agreed that the relationship of their military forces have more opportunities than challenges.


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