Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mekong River Delta Defense Force China

The killing of 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong river near the Thai-Myanmar border is unreported outside of the region but the event stirred an outcry in China. Chinese citizens once again demand the Chinese government to act. It is also hurting trade, something the Chinese government cares a great deal about.

The victims were crew members on two cargo ships attacked on Oct. 5 in the "Golden Triangle", where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet, a region notorious for drug smuggling.

Ministers from the four countries at a meeting in Beijing agreed to set up a law enforcement cooperation mechanism for the Mekong "to cope with the new security situation on the river", Xinhua news agency said.

The four countries will share intelligence and run patrols to combat transnational crimes, Xinhua cited a government statement as saying.

All participants will "carry out coordinated special campaigns to eradicate criminal organisations which have long threatened the region's security", it added.

Thai police said on Sunday that nine Thai soldiers had turned themselves in over the killing of the Chinese sailors.


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