Saturday, November 26, 2011

WZ-10 attack helicopter

WZ-10 attack helicopter design draws on aspects of foreign attack helicopters advantages, the use of attack helicopters foreign popular layout, the implementation of the 5 leaf pulp single rotor, tandem cockpit, the striker front, the driver in the post, Introduced between the two bullet-proof glass separating the cockpit. Tandem cockpit layout is very close to the A129, the whole of the windscreen by the four faces of hexagonal form. Horizontal and vertical perspective view with the A129 are almost equal, with the latter’s field of vision of 260 degrees horizontal and vertical field of view of -34 ~ +56 degrees.
China wz-10,WZ-10 Attack Helicopter 2

Alleged attack helicopters straight -10 technology by the famous Italian helicopter manufacturer Agusta effect. Electronic warfare system integration of the domestic "fire bath" radar, early warning receiver subsystem, and other characteristics of the product information fusion. The front cockpit with the introduction of the Russian card -50 00-type helicopter-type K-37 ejection seat, low life-saving capacity of more than similar models in Europe and America. Moreover, WZ-10 attack helicopter design is a third-generation attack helicopter with stealth attack helicopter characteristics.
WZ-10 Attack Helicopter 4
WZ -10 not only equipped with armor, looks to be playing surface is small, and adopted many new technologies, in terms of fighting compared with the straight -9 qualitative leap. For example, the direct -10 helmet display may be necessary to combat the optical, infrared, instrumentation, video and graphic information is projected onto the helmet front, staring at the instruments do not frequent. Turrets and towers synchronized with the moving optical sight on the helmet, which allows pilots to see where, where the video image to sync shows to the helmet, so that both day and night vision have increased a hundredfold.
WZ-10 Attack Helicopter 5
The machine is equipped with automatic tracking / camera, video recording function, help take off and land in the complex under the conditions of the radio altimeter to precisely control the spin stop height. Cockpit equipped with two or three digital multifunction display, most of the implementation of instruments, "fool" type and intuitive, and voice, graphics tips and warnings. The two pilots in the cabin with each other transmission and switching of voice, video, photos, coordination of the mutual understanding, and a digital map and GPS / GLONESS navigation, can be said that the number of machine level is quite high.
WZ-10 Attack Helicopter,wz-10 gunship 1
WZ -10 part of the vertical stabilizer also draw on the A129′s design approach, the end of the beam below the small vertical stabilizer tail wheel is installed, but the tail rotor placement on the contrary, WZ -10 4 blade turbine, on the vertical distribution stabilizer on the right, and 2 A129′s vertical stabilizer blade turbine is located on the left. Straight – 10 landing gear are single-wheeled landing gear, tail wheel is a fixed style.
wz-10 helicopter,WZ-10 Attack Helicopter 3


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