Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chinese aircraft carrier ex-Varyag

Chinese shipyards have gained some exposure to carrier design with the acquisition of retired hulls such as the Australian HMAS Melbourne  acquired in 1985. Through various ventures, China has also purchased the ex-Soviet carriers . These carriers have become floating amusement parks for tourists..

 China aircraft carrier ex- Varyag
The 67,500 ton ex- Soviet aircraft varyag Admiral Kuznetsoy class, which was only 90% completed and floating in Ukraine,  was purchased through a private tourist venture in 1998. Following  her troubldome tow to Dalian shipyard, the carrier has undergone a long refit. Varyag had been stripped of any military equipment as well as her propulsion systems prior to being put up for sale. News reports state that she is being refitted to be returned to operational statut
On 10 August 2011, it was announced that the refurbishment of Varyag was complete, and that it was undergoing sea trials.


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