Thursday, November 24, 2011

China’s new service rifle: QBZ-95G

These are the first photos I have seen of the updated QBZ-95 rifle, which is speculated to enter front-line service later this year.
 QBZ-95 variant titled "G" fires the heavier 5.8x42mm round, with a heavier longer barrel and a redesigned muzzle break. The "G" variant has an altered butt stock, trigger guard, and a repositioned thumb fire selector switch above the pistol grip. The carrying handle has retained the Chinese quick release mount rail, but also has added the Picatinny rail as a supplement. It has been seen in service in small numbers for testing and evaluation in first quarter of 2011 It has been speculated that this variant will enter full service in late 2011, replacing the original QBZ-95 assault rifle introduced into service in 1995. The original QBZ-95 rifles will be handed down to second line and reserve troops, while front line troops receive this variant


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