Saturday, November 26, 2011

China QW-1(MANPAD )Missile.

The China developed QW-1 MANPAD(Qian wei in Chinese)isan all-aspect man- portable surface to air missile.....



Length (missile and booster) 1.447 m
Launcher and missile weight 16.5 kg
Missile weight 10.68 kg
Diameter 71 mm
Propulsion Solid fuel booster and solid fuel sustainer rocket motor
Guidance Cooled InSb passive
infra-red homing seeker
Warhead HE fragmentation
(containing 0.55 kg HE)
with contact and graze fuzing
Average cruise speed 600 m/s
Max manoeuvrings 16 g
Self destruction time 14 to 18 s
Slant range 500 m to 5,000 m
Altitude 30 m to 4,000 m
Weapon reaction time 3.5 s
Ready from the march 10 s
Battery life 50 s


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