Sunday, November 13, 2011

J-20... The New Generation Fighter

It would have been much more convincing if some of these Russian military fans could open their somewhat loud mouths about how Chinese have copied their 5th generation technologies AFTER Russia has successfully developed a real 5th generation fighter in the first place.
My opinion is the T-50 is not as stealthy as the F-22 and J-20. What measure they're going to take to hide the engine blades without hindering the engine performance? Btw, the nose shaping of the T-50 is similar to F-35 which is said to be less steathier than the F-22. See, I can easily use the words "is a copy of" just to flame, but I didn't.

As for the future changes to the J-20, I don't see much changes except for maybe the nozzles and the ventral fins.


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