Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chinese J-20 Mighty Dragon 5th Generation Fighter Jet

What you told me was irrelevant, claiming that canards are paper thin from the front only shows that you have no clue as to what you are talking about. Further, I always maintained that canards may have negligible or little impact on the J-20, what I did do was explained why it could increase RCS and I only did this after you or others like you started talking nonsense about the pak-fa.
China's J-20 Mighty Dragon is a very different story. It is China's premier stealth fighter and its design won't be finalized until about 2018. It is likely the Chinese will alter the J-20 Mighty Dragon design in the next seven years to eliminate its partial weakness from "some curvature of the sides" and round engine nozzles. In 2018, do not be surprised to see a finalized J-20 Mighty Dragon that matches the F-22 in all-aspect stealth and with flattened engine nozzles.


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