Wednesday, November 30, 2011

China’s C-802A anti-ship missile defeated French Exocet in weapon market

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Size:  21.2 KBIndonesia navy confirmed that it has bought a large amount of C-802A anti-ship missiles from China. After several tests, they were very satisfied with the result. French Exocet was defeated in this procurement. The Strategy Page made a comparison between the two and concluded that French Exocet and China’s C-802A are similar in design and performance, but the former is more matured and has been in market for 30 years. The western media got a overwhelming acknowledgement that C-802A is not as good as French Exocet.
 The C802A is a 6.8m (21 foot) long, 360mm, 682kg (1,500 pound) missile, with a 165kg (360 pound) warhead. The C802 has a max range of 120 kilometers, and moves along at about 250 meters a second.

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