Friday, January 20, 2012

China purchased 20 new Ka 32 helicopters

Russia Ka 32 helicopters won the international bidding of related Chinese procurement plans, and will provide China with 20 card-32A11BC helicopters in future, according to industry sources.

Ka 32 helicopter is Ka-27 series modified for civilian version, which has excellent lifting capacity and wind resistance. Snow Eagle, China's first Ka 32 helicopter had played a critical ability in the lifting equipment in the Antarctic expedition, but unfortunately it crashed in bad weather next fall.

"This is a long-awaited and well deserved victory. In the future China may buy more of type Ka helicopters." , sources said.
Ka -32A11BC card-32A helicopter is a multi-purpose helicopter upgrade model, is rare outside hanging freight models, when operating in high-rise structures like "flying crane." At the same time, Ka -32A11BC coaxial carrier system in the suspension precision and flexibility of the body has many important advantages, makes it possible to perform highly complex assembly operations.
Ka -32A11BC perform a wide range of work areas, including the use of aerial plane gun fire operations.

Ka -32A11BC helicopter helicopter developed by Russian Kamov helicopter Co.. So far 140 Ka -32A11BC helicopters were produced and nearly half of which were sold to more than 30 countries.

Currently, Ka -32A11BC helicopter has got certification in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, the world's major regions. Among them, Brazil and India in 2011 to obtain certification in 2009, the European certification (EASA.IM.R.133 certificate) in 2008 in China, Indonesia, Korea, through certification.
The different modified Ka 32 Series helicopters were used in countries and regions, which include Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Switzerland, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and other countries and regions, in addition has also been leased to Brazil and Chile the company.


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