Friday, January 6, 2012

Chinese 99 tanks really have so many models

China Defense blog Comprehensive public image, in fact there are currently 4 different shape of the 99 tanks! The following allegations were temporarily 99-1,99-2,99-3,99-4.

99-1 which debuted in 1999 National Day military parade 99 tanks, the people have been known, not much said;

99-4 is now the famous "99G tank", from the shape of view, the engine compartment increased, reduced, turret volume substantially, and may have millimeter-wave radar. This online information is also more focused than the posts;

In addition, 99 is the familiar change: wedge-shaped turrets, laser blinding (Note, I have always thought it was artillery missile guidance equipment), turret fence wrapped in armor, and other eye-catching features.

However, it is estimated you like me did not notice, there are two different active form of the turret 99 to change! The following are called 99-2,99-3.

1, the fence wrapped in an armored turret :99-2 on both sides of the fence, two on each side, five on each floor high armor and armored sides parallel to the longitudinal direction and tanks; 99-3 is on both sides of the fence on three sides and the rear both sides han, two on each side, but

Each floor has 7 armor, armor pieces from high to low, and the armor on both sides of the direction of forward foreign Zhang. Is the most obvious difference.

2, before the armored turret combination of different modules: Profile on the two similar, but a closer look at the first armored splicing gap between the two lines, obviously, the two modules of different shapes and combinations.

3, different turret shape: Comparison of top view of this, if not difficult to detect in comparison, the turret is more elongated than 99-2,99-3: significantly reduced the width of the front turret, turret Weicang longer. And ,99-2, before the middle of the round turret top

Vault very prominent (with 99-1) ,99-3 turret front is clearly heightening the top turret, change smoothed.

In summary, guess :99-2 is changed in the early 99 models parade appearance in 99 years on the basis of 99-style armored turret made directly beaded, poor integration; 99-3 is 99-2 improvement focus

The other from the time a proof: the first equipment unit 99 to change the Beijing Military Region, the public image display their equipment and it is precisely 99-2; then dress up 99 unit change in the Northeast is 99-3.


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