Monday, January 2, 2012

China purchased 4 sets of arresting System, 2 sets of them for two domestic aircraft carriers

According to reports, in particular, is of interest to the outside world in 2009, purchased from the Ukraine, 4 sets of the original plan for the "Varyag" number and the Russian Navy, "Admiral Kuznetsov"aircraft carrier's arresting system.

 The system is used with the carrier aircraft's tail hook to ensure that aircraft can safely land at the rear of the aircraft carrier deck.

 French "aerospace services " website, China blocked access to the 4 sets of the system, a set installed in the "Varyag" No, the second for Wuhan's "aircraft carrier on land"test system.

 The remaining two sets of retaining system may be used for two aircraft carriers, "the construction of the two carriers have been cutting the steel plate is completed. "


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