Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 11th.

I'm not going to engage or fuel the speculation on that happened on 1.11. However, I can offer some recent submarine photos instead.

094 Jin class SSBN
Song Class running naked.  No wonder the China Navy subs are so noisy
093 Shang class SSN
The hunchback of the China Navy, 092 Xia Class
 Old Golf class. 
 043 Qing Class

JL-1 and JL-2 Missiles.
Crew: 140
Length: 120m
Beam: 10m
Draft: 8m
Displacement: (Surfaced) N/A; (Dived)6,500 tonnes
Speed: (Dived) 22 knots
Missile: 12 X JL-1 SLBM
Torpedoes: 6 X 533mm bow tubes, 20 weapons; Yu-3, active/passive homing to 15km at 40kt
Radar: Surface search, I-band
Electronic countermeasures: Type 921A radar warning
Sonar: Hull-mounted, active/passive search and attack, medium frequency
Arrangement: Nuclear, 1 X pressurised water reactor (PWR), turbo-electric, 90MW
Propulsion: One shaft


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