Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Variant of Chang Feng Submachine Gun Spotted in Uganda

A keen-eyed reader spotted a new variant of the Chinese Chang Feng Submachine Gun in use by Ugandan police. I have never before seen this particular configuration with its rear picatinny rail and H&K-style red/white coloring on safety mechanism. The photo below shows police on duty during the Ugandan general elections held earlier this year.
the police looked ready to shoot why banange why tm tfb New Variant of Chang Feng Submachine Gun Spotted in Uganda photo

It is not clear what exactly could be mounted on that short rear rail. The Chang Feng Corporation probably added it so that its customers could tick the "picatinny rail" box. For mounting a scope, the Chinese police variant's scope mount seems like a better design.
China has been giving Uganda military aid for a number of years, just a couple of weeks ago they announced an additional $2.3 million of aid, so it is not surprising to see this relatively rare Chinese gun turn up in the Ugandan police arsenal (probably the envy of the Uganda Army who I am told are still using Soviet-era firearms).


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